Already first aid trained but need an annual  refresher? Then we can help and from the comfort of your own home,  at a time to suit you.

Our course refreshes what you learnt on your original Emergency First Aid training  and reminds you what you need to do in the first instance if an accident occurs.

We aren’t generally confronted with scenes of blood and gore, so emergency First Aid Training can be as simple as ‘sticking a plaster on the wound’.

But what if you find yourself having to deal with a more serious accident?  This Emergency First aid annual refresher course will remind you and highlight some of the most common situations that you might come across and the actions you need to take.

Our emergency First aid at work Annual  refresher course £20

Sign up now for a ‘try before you buy’  all first modules are free.


Emergency First Aid Training Refresher-£20. Affordable, quality training and fun!

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